It’s not often you expect can- can dancers and cakes to feature on the streets of Canterbury, but a new patisserie featured both - and attracted large crowds to its official opening.

Patisserie Valerie has been catering to our indulgences since 1926, but has been confined to the streets of London. In the first of a series of openings, you can now find their new outlet in 23 High Street Canterbury, the site of the old Whittards Tea Shop.

Opening the new outlet was The Lord Mayor of Canterbury, Councillor Harry Cragg and his wife Sheila – the Lady Mayoress. Patrick Williams of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce also attended.
The Patisserie is renowned for its exquisite hand crafted cakes and sumptuous patisseries, every one of them a work of art. Each Patisserie Valerie café has its own unique personality, décor, style and ambiance.

Paul May Chief Executive Officer for the Company said,
“Some people think that it’s a bit odd opening a luxury cake shop in the middle of a recession, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Coffee, cakes and pastries are a great pick me up if you are feeling a little bit down – or a fantastic way to celebrate!

The good news is that we very much value our high street presence at a time when many are under threat – and that we are creating more than 20 new jobs in the area.

That is why we wanted to have a celebration and a bit of fun at the launch.

We are hoping to build good relationships with local schools, colleges, organisations and businesses because we are all in a position to help each other.

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