It's roses all the way for Patisserie Valerie

Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010

Fast expanding chain Patisserie Valerie opened its second outlet in Leeds within a few months attracting a large crowd at the White Rose Shopping Centre – this may have been due to the clever combination of cakes, coffee, can can girls and balloons!

The Mayor of Morleys charity also benefitted from a £100 donation by the owners of the Patisserie Chain which will go towards buying a Guide Dog for the Blind.

This year, Patisserie Valerie has already seen thousands of new customers and businesses try its clever combination of early morning breakfasts, delivered catering, wedding cakes and a dazzling array of indulgent offerings.

The latest opening involved the conversion of an existing Druckers outlet at the Shopping Centre at Morley in Leeds.In June, Patisserie Valerie opened a new outlet in Albion Street in the City Centre, Leeds which is reported to be trading above expectations.

Patisserie Valerie’s Chief Executive Officer Paul May said,
“Leeds is a first as for us as we are opening two outlets in the same area and it is the largest metropolitan area. The first opening was a brand new Patisserie in Albion Street – which is trading above expectations. The new outlet involves the conversion of the previous Druckers café in The White Rose Shopping Centre. It was a bit of a rush to get it finished in time but we managed it!

Some might find this expansion surprising – after all we keep being told that shopping is in decline and that retailers are struggling to find enough customers.

This is not our experience however. In times of recession, people need an affordable treat to cheer themselves up – and when things are going well, they want to celebrate.

We provide a dazzling array of pure indulgence in the form of our delicious cake range, but we do not neglect the basics of breakfasts, lunches etc. matched with quick and excellent service. Many business breakfast clubs use our facilities early in the mornings for example.

We provide businesses with a delivered catering service and at the other extreme, decorated wedding cakes.

All of this puts us in a different market place from any other operator. This is why we have been able to add so many new customers this year alone.

We really believe that we are helping to add to the shopping experience and entice shoppers.”

The Clerk of Morley Town Council Karen Oakley, and her Deputy Wendy Maynard-Light helped at the White Rose opening - which also featured the Patisserie Valerie can can girls and special opening offers for customers.

Patisserie Valerie until recently, was a familiar site in London but relatively unknown outside the Capital. Founded in 1926 by a Belgian - Madame Valerie, it has over the years welcomed many celebrities though its doors where they and others can indulge themselves, whilst watching the world go by.

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