French Toast the PERFECT Breakfast Sweet Treat

Monday, 04 Nov 2019

French toast is at its most joyful when it comes warm and golden crusted from the pan, sticky from the heat and inflated with bubbling egg and cream. The crucial details are the warmth of the golden crust and the light texture of the fluffy middle

This is special-occasion stuff, perfect for those who don't want a full English but still want to start the day with something special. A real treat.

A really late start is the perfect time for a plate of french toast. The sort of thing you could call breakfast or lunch.

A sweet start to a weekend would involve fluffy French toast, the sort that is soaked in so much egg and cream that is rises to be on the verge of a soufflé.

At Patisserie Valerie we serve our French toast light as a cloud, warm and sweet. You can choose it piled high with plump winter berries, scattered with chopped banana or stacked with crisp sweetcure bacon before it is drizzled with rich smokey maple syrup .

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