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A Day in the Life of a Patisserie Valerie Baker

Tuesday, 02 Aug 2016

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a day in the life of a Patisserie Valerie Baker? Baking the sponge, cutting all of the fresh fruit and finishing and decorating our delicious celebration cakes, a lot happens in one day at our bakery! We have headed down to ask the real patisserie experts everything you need to know about a career in cake making!

If you’re passionate about food and enjoy baking, read below to find out what our bakers said:

Susina says “As a baker for a national chain you are responsible for the quality of every product produced. All products should be of a certain standard and they should all look the same.”

Molly makes a great point of “You have an early start every morning but it is worth it when you see the amount of products you have made in one day and seeing your products in all of the stores across the UK.”

Patience says “My day consists of coming into work and ensuring my work space is clean before I start cutting raw pastry, spreading almond paste onto the pastry and rolling them into a croissant shape, then I go onto decorating and finishing the celebration cakes – I love seeing my products finished and packaged up ready for someone to enjoy at home”.

Simon explains “My job is to check that every product is to the correct standard before it gets transported to the stores. I have to make sure that each product has met the brands standard and passed the quality controls we have in place”

Sophie comments “I am the team leader of the bakery and I love having a positive team of people who have a passion for baking handmade products – my day consists of ensuring everyone is working to tight deadlines, ensuring the bakery is clean, tidy and a safe environment to work in, making sure every product goes into the ovens on time and comes out on time and making every pastry case for the tarts. My days are always busy.”

Susina adds “I love the smell of the freshly baked products, but sometimes it can make your stomach rumble!”

Adrian comments “I head up the new product development department. I love coming up with new ideas and experimenting with flavours to try and create new products we can introduce into shops and online. My job is to be innovative and come up with products that other companies don’t do.”

Jenny says “I love to see a product made from raw ingredients transform into an indulgent handmade celebration cake.”

Order a celebration cake online for birthdays and special occasions via our website, all of which our handmade by our expert cake makers.

If you like the sound of baking fresh products every day, working with a team of people and producing high quality products daily, then keep your eye out for bakery jobs online.


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