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Coffee at Patisserie Valerie

Friday, 03 Feb 2017

Are you a coffee fan? Well then Patisserie Valerie is the place for you as we offer a range of delicious coffee, whether you prefer the strong taste of an espresso, or a milky latte.

What is the secret to our exquisite coffee you ask? That would be our coffee beans which are 100% Arabica blend consisting of 60% Brazil and 40% Colombia. The Brazilian coffee is from the regions of Mogiana, Sul de Minas and Cerrado, which are known for their deep red soils and produce coffees with a rich chocolate flavour. The Colombian coffee is taken from co-operatives in high mountainous regions, which is perfect for producing sweet, bright flavours. So with the combination of these exquisite flavours and the personal touch of our expert baristas, you certainly can’t go wrong with the coffee at Patisserie Valerie.

Want to know a little more about the drinks we offer?

Macchiato – This is a short drink made with espresso and just a touch of warm frothed milk for that smoother taste.

Americano – Want to keep things simple? Why not try an Americano which is prepared with espresso and added hot water.

Cappuccino – This classic concoction is comprised of espresso and hot frothed milk, and then topped with a sprinkle of cocoa.

Latte – This is the perfect choice if you fancy something a little milkier than a Cappuccino. Our Lattes are made with espresso and plenty of hot steamed milk.

Mocha – Do you have a sweet tooth? Then a Mocha is for you. This is made with espresso and cocoa powder and topped with steamed milk.

Flat White – This is an espresso based drink with added hot steamed milk, so if you like something a little stronger then this is the drink for you.

So no matter what your taste you’re sure to find the perfect drink.

Best of all did you know you can even buy our retail coffee in store and enjoy the taste of Patisserie Valerie from the comfort of your home!




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