The History of Valentine's Day

All of us at Patisserie Valerie would like to be the first to share the love and wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a time renowned for celebrating and sharing love, but did you know that this is not traditionally how it started? Valentine’s Day is actually named after two Roman Saints of the same name, who were both unrelated to love. Although it has been said that the original St. Valentine was a priest who would perform illegal marriages for Emperor Claudius’ soldiers, this is not strictly proven.

It was during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries that Valentine’s Day started to became more readily associated with romantic love. This period saw an increase in the production of printed materials, which meant that people were able to buy and send personalised Valentine’s cards to their loved one. These cards were often decorated with intricate lace designs, etching of flowers and even ribbons.

Alongside these Valentine’s festivities, it was during this period that Richard Cadbury had the idea to sell assortments of chocolates in heart shaped boxes. These boxes were marketed not only as a gift for that special someone, but were also seen as perfect for storing love letters and cherished items. Cadbury decorated these heart shaped boxes himself using the sentimental and romantic imagery associated with the Victorian Valentine’s Day.

Here at Patisserie Valerie we have taken this tradition a step further with our lovingly handmade heart shaped Celebration and Individual Valentine’s cakes. We have the perfect treats to give to your Valentine whether you are looking for a light vanilla sponge, or a luxurious chocolate cake to indulge your loved one. Are you looking for a smaller token to show your affection? Then why not try one of our scrumptious Valentine’s cupcakes which are delicately decorated with Strawberry or Chocolate frosting, the perfect accompaniment to your Valentine’s Day.

Please note these cakes Valentine’s are only available until 14th February 2017

Valentine's Day

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