Opera Cake recipe

Tuesday, 01 Oct 2019

Opera Cake is an elaborate French cake made from layers of sponge cake, ganache and cream.

This recipe is time consuming. A good opera cake can takes the best part of a day to make, but each step is quite simple and the work can easily be divided over two days if you want to bake the sponge one day and assemble it the next.

Typically, opera cake is made with coffee and chocolate, but this design by our head baker Mario is something lighter, made with fresh cream and berries.


  • 5 eggs
  • 125g sugar
  • 125g plain flour

Whip eggs and sugar for ten minutes, or until pale, silky and creamy.

Pro tip: The eggs should not be cold from fridge. Room temperature eggs are best for whipping.

Sift the flour and gently mix it in. It is important to be gentle with this and don’t over beat if you want to keep the sponge soft.

Divide between two flat baking trays lined with greaseproof paper.

Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.


  • 1/2 pint egg white
  • 500g sugar

Make sure your bowl, jug and whisk are extra dry. Any trace of moisture will give you flat meringue.

Put egg whites and sugar into a large bowl, then whisk together with a balloon whisk by hand.

Put a pan of hot water on the hob and allow to simmer but not boil. Place bowl of egg mix on top to warm for a few minutes and whisk constantly to prevent burning.

Remove egg mix from the heat and whisk with electric whisk until snowy white and fluffy. If it doesn’t fall out when you tip the bowl upside down, it’s ready!

Take your cool sponge sheets and place them on top of each other. Use a large sharp knife to trim the edges.

Take a slice of cake and put chocolate cream on. Then sandwich on another layer of sponge.

Layers should be; Chocolate cream, St honour cream, then Fresh cream.  Then repeat alternating layers of st honoure and fresh cream.

It is important to do the chocolate first, so that when you slice the cake, the chocolate doesn’t spread over the other layers and the slice looks beautiful.

Slice the edges of the cake again to get sharp clean edges clearly showing the layers of the cake

Wipe the knife edge with hot water and a clean cloth before slicing. The heat will help to melt through the cream and give a clean slice.

Cut into individual cake slices, approximately 4cm wide. Place blackberries on top of cakes.

Take piping bag filled with meringue and pipe on top of berries.

Finally, take a bakers blowtorch and gently braise the top of the meringue to be golden brown.


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