Best Tips for Frosting Cupcakes

Monday, 22 Feb 2016

The past couple of years have seen a rise in popularity for the humble cupcake, with new flavours and fancy decorations a plenty. Patisserie Valerie offers cupcakes in stores, for weddings and for special occasions which are lovingly handmade by our expert bakers. So, we headed downstairs to the bakery to get the best tips for frosting and decorating cupcakes if you’re planning on giving them a go at home!

Pushpa, cupcake Queen at our Birmingham bakery, said “Make sure your icing is whipped to a creamy consistency, if it’s too hard then it will crack and not pipe very well. In the winter, add a little spritz of water when whipping your icing, it will get it to a better moisture and make sprinkles stick better.”

She went on to add “Make sure you’re piping each cupcake from the same level and angle for a consistent look.”

Cat mentioned that “When piping with a fluted nozzle if you go from the outside in then you can get a nice rose pattern on top of your cupcake”

Cat went on to talk about the best nozzles to use when piping cupcakes “Use the larger or jumbo size nozzles to get a good finish. You can use different nozzles to get a different pattern on top, the most common is the ‘star’ or ‘fluted’ nozzle, but you can also use a plain circular nozzle too.”

Susina gave her top tip for decorating “When adding sprinkles to a cupcake, make sure you do it from a slight height – it will give a more even distribution.”

Sophie’s best tip is “When making your cupcakes, before baking, make sure you fill your mixture almost to the top of the cupcake case. This will create a nice dome on your cupcake which will give a nicer finish when piping your icing on to the top.”

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