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Wedding cakes for chocoholics

Wednesday, 02 Sep 2015

Patisserie Valerie Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, so you wouldn't want to spoil it by choosing the wrong cake. If you're a chocoholic then it's only right to have a pure chocolate cake on your special day, because let's face it, chocolate is pretty much all you need!

If you are looking for a chocolate wedding cake that looks impressive and is made by experts in patisserie then Patisserie Valerie has a range of chocolate wedding cakes for your special day! We've got a decadent chocolate cupcakes cake made with rich, dark chocolate ganache... Perfect for chocolate lovers and wedding favours!

However, if you want a tiered wedding cake then our Chocolate Cigarette Cake and Chocolate Box can be customised to suit your love for chocolate! Choosing a chocolate sponge and side decoration can transform our classics into something delightfully indulgent.

Have something particular in mind? We can create bespoke wedding cakes. Please speak to a member of staff in your local café to see if we can help.

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