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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

Wednesday, 22 Apr 2015

Cortina Wedding CakeOrganising a wedding can be an exciting, but stressful, time! With so much to think about and book, it's hard to know where to start with some of it. We've put together our top tips for choosing your wedding cake (besides coming to Patisserie Valerie, of course!)

  1. Set a realistic budget
    Weddings can be expensive, and whilst the cake plays a big role in the day, you have to be realistic about the budget. With lots of other things to buy including dress, venue, catering and music – you need to think about how much of your overall budget will be spent on the cake – making sure it's big enough to serve all your guests. Once it's set, don't break it or you'll have to compromise on another part of your big day.
  2. Theme of the cake
    When planning your wedding cake it's important to think about the other details of the wedding, so everything ties in with one theme and matches accordingly. Think about the theme of the wedding (if you have one), the colour theme and the flowers so you have a good idea what will match, and what will not.
  3. Get pinning on Pinterest
    Pinterest is a great source to get ideas for wedding cakes! Create a board and pin the ones you like the look of. Take the best designs and come up with something unique, or stick to a classic – the choice is yours!
  4. Ask for cake samples
    A delicious perk, but also very important. Make sure the person who is making your wedding cake offers you cake samples. This will allow you to taste the sponge and icing before the big day so you can be certain your guests will love it too.
  5. Consider cupcakes so your guests can take them home
    Cupcakes are a great little gift that your wedding guests can take home with them. This is the perfect way for them to enjoy the cake if you're having a 3 course sit down meal, as often people don't have room for the cake as well! 

If you're looking for a spectacular centre-piece for your special day, then view our range of wedding cakes. We can adjust them to meet your specific needs and requirement, without compromising on flavour!

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