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Camomile tea could help women live longer

According to this article in the The Telegraph, a new study has revealed that a cup of camomile tea could be the secret to a longer life.

Whilst it is common knowledge that camomile tea can help to combat illnesses and ailments, the new study suggested that it can also help women live longer too.

The study, by The University of Texas, analysed data of 1677 Mexican-American men and women over 7 years and looked at the effects of camomile tea and the cause of death. What they found was that drinking camomile tea lowered the risk of death among 29% of the women, but had no effect on the mortality rate of the men.

One of the authors, Bret Howrey, said: "The reason for a difference in our reported findings between Hispanic women and men is not clear, although women were shown to be more frequent users of chamomile than men.

"This difference may be due to traditional gender roles whereby women manage the day-to-day activities of the household, including family health, and may also reflect greater reliance on folk remedies such as herbs."

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