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The Perfect Coffee Cake for Cocktail Lovers

Espresso Martini Cake

Discover the joy of celebrating with Patisserie Valerie’s Espresso Martini Cake, a sumptuous treat inspired by the classic cocktail and infused with the smooth allure of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur. This cake is not just a dessert; it’s an ode to coffee and cocktail lovers alike, making it an ideal surprise for birthdays, especially for the special men in your life - be it your dad, husband, or partner.

The Inspiration

Blending the rich, bold flavours of the iconic Espresso Martini cocktail, this cake is a tribute to all who appreciate the finer things in life. It’s a perfect choice for those who love a touch of sophistication in their celebrations, offering a unique twist for fans of classic cocktails and exquisite baking.

A Harmony of Flavours

Our Espresso Martini Cake features a delicate balance of coffee and vanilla sponge layers, each enriched with a luxurious mix of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur and coffee-flavoured fresh cream. The sides are a canvas of rich chocolate buttercream and Bailey’s coffee Swiss meringue buttercream, topped with a silky layer of Baileys Swiss meringue buttercream. The finishing touch is a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache, adorned with swirls of chocolate and Baileys buttercream, and crowned with mocha beans.

The Perfect Birthday Cake for Dad?

Whether it’s a heartfelt celebration for your dad, a romantic gesture for your husband, or a special treat for your partner, the Espresso Martini Cake brings a touch of elegance and indulgence. It’s also a delightful surprise for cocktail aficionados, seamlessly blending the world of fine baking with the art of mixology.

The Ultimate Coffee Cake

The Espresso Martini Cake is more than just a confection; it’s a celebration of love, craftsmanship, and the joy of fine flavours. Ideal for any occasion, this cake is a testament to our passion for creating extraordinary experiences. Delight the coffee and cocktail lovers in your life with this exquisite creation and elevate your celebrations to new heights.

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