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Christmas Flavours

Christmas is almost here, lets celebrate, party and indulge! 

Sweet Christmas treats are usually at the centre of these celebrations and a very important factor to a fabulous party!

 Here are our top 10 Christmas sweet treats & flavours

(In no particular order!)

Mince pies 

These classic crumbly buttery pastry fruit filled treats are an absolute must this time of year. Traditionally one mince pie is eaten for the Twelve days of Christmas. If Santa approves then so do we!


Thanks to Queen Victoria this sweet & spicy treat is welcomed at Christmas time. Time to have fun and build a house it!

Yule Log

Historically a wooden log was burned throughout the twelve days of Christmas. Now they are enjoyed in chocolate cake form!

Christmas cake 

Christmas cake is an tradition that began as plum porridge. People ate the porridge on Christmas Eve, using it to line their stomachs after a day of fasting. Soon dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge mixture, and eventually it turned into Christmas favourite.


Cranberries have become a staple ingredient at Christmas. Most commonly added to turkey and stuffing but also in sweet desserts. It can be boiled down and served with ice cream for a pudding or use it instead of jam to give tarts, scones and Victoria sponge a festive twist.

White chocolate 

A sweet, buttery flavour with hints of vanilla and fresh milk. This is great at Christmas time not only for the delicious flavour but to get creative ! Perfect for chocolate snowmen, Santa's and many more.


As a Christmas meringue dessert, you have so many options for decorating it. A popular choice is a Christmas pavlova wreath with lots of fresh berries and an optional raspberry coulis. However, you could also add chocolate shavings, nuts or lots of sprinkles.


Homemade chocolate truffles are named after truffles because of the striking resemblance with the original truffle mushrooms. While one is the expensive fungus that grows underneath the oak trees, the other Is the intricate chocolate ganache coated in tempered chocolate. Great for a luxury gift or a delicious cake decoration.


Mint leaves behind a cool sensation in the mouth and, as Christmas is associated with snow and ice, this seems to make sense as the flavour of snow.

Christmas pudding 

Originated in England. A traditional pudding is dark in colour and usually soaked with brandy or other alcohols. The origin of the Christmas, plum pudding or, if you like your Christmas carols, a figgy pudding goes back centuries and is steeped in tradition.



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