What Is Diwali And How To Celebrate

Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets, it symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. People usually decorate their homes with lights, burst firecrackers at night and give sweets, gifts, dry fruits to loved ones.

What day is it?

Diwali (or deepawali) is celebrated in the autumn with the dates changing each year, according to the Indian lunar calendar.

How long is it celebrated?

The festivities typically last 5 days, with temples and other places of celebration brightly lit throughout. The climax is the third day, to tie in with the darkest day under the Hindu lunar calendar of the month “Karitka”.

Enjoy the good things in life

Light brings brightness and happiness and in my ways to describe Diwali is simply a message to appreciate the good things in life. Everyday can be celebrated as Diwali but in the Hindu calendar today is the auspicious day and as our lives is very much dictated by the lunar moon/sun Diwali celebration falls on a specific day every year. 

A time to share

The most important of all is that Diwali is a time to treasure and to remind us of the good over the bad things in life, and the fact is good things always prevails over the bad. And the message is no matter what, we need to surrender to goodwill, and what better way to show our good will is to share.

Celebrate with food

For that reason to celebrate Diwali many food are prepared both savoury and sweets and shared amongst friends and family. Sharing sweets and food to those who are less fortunate and in need is a huge part of Diwali

Sweet Treats

Traditionally served both alongside a cup of masala chai tea, as snacks, on their own after meals or even sometimes alongside a meal. Some of the more common sweets include:
Halwa, such as gajar (carrot) halwa or pumpkin halwa – typically made with a grated vegetable cooked with ghee, sugar and milk/condensed milk so that it becomes soft, sweet and thick. Often flavored with cardamon and/or nuts like almonds.
Laddu (or laddoo), little balls made with flour, ghee or oil and sugar and often nuts of fruit like raisins. The flour might not always be wheat – chickpea flour is a common variation, for example.
Barfi, a kind of fudge made with condensed milk. Gulab jamun, almost like donut holes served in a sweet syrup.

Diwali Gift Ideas

Traditional Diyas
Diyas play an important role in Diwali. Without Diya, it is just incomplete celebrating Diwali. Diya brings light and kills all the negative and bad energy from our lives.

Personalised Candles 
Decorate your home, office or garden with personalized candles.  Light your home with this and welcome goddess Laxmi. Remove all the dirt and negative energy from your lives and say yes to love and positive energy.

Gifts Hampers 
Gifts hampers are like a tradition. We gift to our family, friends, or relatives. According to the choice and taste. Like for your beloved ladies you can gift them a makeup set with chocolates. For men, give them a grooming set. For children, the best thing is chocolates or toys.

Dry fruits pack
For example, cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, and many things. Gift this as a present to your loved ones this Diwali.


Sweets plays an important role. Diwali and sweets are like best friends. Eating sweets to gifting sweets, is how to celebrate Diwali. Instead of sweets, you can also go for delicious cakes. As cakes are also considered as sweets category. Such as red velvet, black forest Diwali cakes, vanilla, strawberry and many more.

The perfect festive box

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