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Funeral food tips & advice

A funeral is time for family and friends to come together to say goodbye to a dear loved one when they have passed away. No matter where it is held, it is usually a structured ceremony to allow mourners to grieve. Whether traditional or more modern, it has two functions: to acknowledge the death and lifetime achievements of an individual and to bring grieving family members and friends together in support of one another during this difficult time. Here we are talking about kinds of food suitable for a funeral you are planning.

Where will the funeral reception be held?

The venue for your reception will determine how simple or elaborate you need to keep the food. A church hall for example, may have a full kitchen which will allow you to prepare food on site. The parlour of the funeral home may not. In this case, you will need foods that can be kept warm.

How many people do you think will attend?

If you are expecting a large crowd then you should choose items that can be made in bulk and will go a long way. For a smaller group, you may have more options.






How much do you want to spend?

While it may sound like a funeral is not an appropriate time to be concerned about finances, unless all your payments are prearranged, you may incur a substantial cost. As when you are planning any large gathering, it is perfectly fine to decide how much you can comfortably spend and develop a menu based on that figure.


  • If you are hosting a large number of people, consider a meal buffet rather than finger foods. Traditional buffet foods can be less expensive and easier to prepare.
  • “Make it yourself sandwich buffets” can work well. Cheeses and meats can be purchased in bulk and you’ll save time on preparation. Ham is a particularly popular choice for funeral reception food.
  • Pasta dishes, casseroles, and other items that reheat well are popular and effective. They can often be frozen ahead of time and function well as leftovers.
  • Potatoes are always a hit. Chances are you have a family recipe for a favourite potato dish that would be perfect as a funeral reception food.
  • Remember to include kid-friendly items such as cheese and chicken nuggets.
  • Including some of the deceased’s favourite dishes can be a great way to personalise the reception.


Dessert at a funeral?

The answer is, it’s up to you. We all know that sometimes just having some comfort food in the form of chocolate or something creamy are proven to affect the mood positively. This would include cake slices, cookies, brownies, whole cakes and fruit salads.



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