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Patisserie Valerie Ranked Second Place For Their Positive Reputation


In a recent report conducted by research company CGA and consultancy Stone & River, popular food and drink brands were ranked based on how fast they are building their brand awareness, positive reputation and encouraging repeat custom.

Based on this report Patisserie Valerie were awarded an amazing result; as they ranked second place in a poll of the top ranked coffee & food-to-go brands.

Business unit director for retail and food at CGA Karl Chessell, commented that the results of this report were truly fascinating and revealed ‘the names that are increasing awareness and generating loyalty and word of mouth’.

This is therefore a very exciting time for Patisserie Valerie who are consistently working towards the shared goal of increasing their brand visibility and customer interaction, via their social media channels and Cake Club. Patisserie Valerie are also consistently working towards creating a positive customer experience, which they strive to achieve through thorough staff training and an awareness of how to consistently improve.

Based on the results generated by the report, Patisserie Valerie’s efforts do appear to have been effective, for which the brand would like to take this opportunity to thank their valued team members for their hard work.

Paul May, CEO of Patisserie Holdings PLC, the company that owns Patisserie Valerie commented: ‘A positive reputation, is the culmination of continued hard work, innovation and the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in store; a feat that couldn’t be achieved without our dedicated staff. So we would like to say a big thank you to all for your continued support.’

Patisserie Valerie, is an ever expanding brand with the view to open 20 new stores annually so as to reach out to new and loyal customers. Therefore, based on this very exciting result Patisserie Valerie couldn’t miss this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of their loyal, cake-loving customers! This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without their customers’ continued support and love of their sweet treats, which is the cornerstone of their continued efforts to build up a positive reputation and really encourage brand loyalty.


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