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TA Herbal and Flavoured Teas - Patisserie Valerie

TA Herbal and Flavoured Teas

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Dark Grey Cocoa

Black tea and cocoa kernels blend for a rich chocolatey cuppa, all the indulgence without the calories.

Apple Loves Mint

This mint tea has Apple and playful papaya sweetness, a subtle hint of rose blossom, then mint finish. Caffeine Free.

Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

Pure jasmine essence is infused into fresh tea leaf tips multiple times, hand rolled into pearls then dried.

Red Berry

A punchy, full on infusion of mixed berries, fruit & hibiscus. All natural ingredients and Caffeine Free.

Whole Peppermint Leaves

Whole peppermint leaves, handled with care to retain freshness by not crushing the leaf, creating an incredibly fresh, purifying cup. Sharp, fresh, aromatic, cooling with every sip. Caffeine Free.

Green Sencha Tea

Sencha translates as steamed and is a very traditional technique of keeping the flavour packed in the tea.This is a light and fresh cup - enjoy!