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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most common enquiries we've received from our customers over the past few weeks. Hopefully they help to answer some of the questions you may have. Thanks for choosing Patisserie Valerie. Team PV

Our home delivery service runs from Tuesday – Sunday to most post codes in the UK. We do not currently deliver on Mondays or Bank Holidays to enable our bakery to close and our bakers to have a break!

I have a birthday party on Monday, what delivery date should I choose?

As we do not offer deliveries on Mondays, we advise the Sunday before. After your cake has been baked and decorated, we will freeze it and pack it with dry ice to help ensure it is delivered safely to you.

All of our cakes are hand finished and packed to order. The quickest we can deliver is next day but you must order before 2pm! We do advise to order a day in advance if you can, you can then leave the cake defrosting overnight in the fridge and it will be perfect the next day!

Your cake will be delivered by DPD Local. They will contact you on the day before your requested delivery date to confirm a unique tracking number. They will also contact you on the morning of your requested delivery date to confirm the one hour delivery slot. Please note we can not offer specific delivery times.

Dry ice is used to retain the freshness and quality of your cake. Your goods will arrive protected at the perfect temperature, ready to be popped in your home freezer or defrost to eat. WHAT IS DRY ICE: Dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide at minus 78°C. Because dry ice is very cold and has bacteriostatic properties, it is often used to help preserve perishable food products during transit. Dry ice is an environmentally friendly material and has been manufactured from recovered carbon dioxide. DRY ICE SAFETY: Dry ice will sublime into the atmosphere generating gaseous CO. REMEMBER - A little bit of dry ice will sublime to a large volume of CO. gas. ALWAYS follow the instructions below when handling dry ice. DRY ICE DISPOSAL: Once your order has been unpacked the dry ice should be immediately disposed of as indicated below: If any dry ice remains in the transit packaging, then remove your order with care. Dry ice will convert to harmless carbon dioxide, but it is important to note that it is very cold, and a single piece of dry ice will give off 500 times its own volume in gas, therefore: ALWAYS ensure dry ice is disposed of in a place well-ventilated so the carbon dioxide can disperse (outside). ALWAYS ensure that dry ice packs are disposed of in a safe place and is not accessible to passers-by, particularly children and animals. ALWAYS remember not to handle dry ice with bare hands. ALWAYS dispose of under conditions where the low temperature will not present a hazard or problem. DO NOT Dispose of dry ice in an area where the CO2 gas can collect in low lying areas such as drains, confined space. DO NOT Place dry ice in your freezer or fridge. DO NOT Place dry ice into drink. We do NOT advise refreezing the cake once defrosted.

Our delivery charges can vary. Our Premium Delivery Service costs £9.95 and entitles you to next day home delivery when ordered by 2pm. Our Standard Delivery Service costs £4.95 and entitles to choose a preferred delivery date.

Unfortunately, we are not currently offering a bespoke cake service. However, we do have an extensive range of cakes available on our website for home delivery.

After an extensive trial, we selected DPD Local as our logistics partner as they had the highest first time delivery success rates. We then developed a packaging system with DPD Local, specifically for fragile food items which should ensure it arrives safely.

When we developed this new service, set ourselves the challenge of delivering cakes to every home in the UK that arrived tasting and looking as good as they did when they left the bakery.

We found that freezing the cakes after they've been baked and decorated locks in the freshly baked flavour and packing them with dry ice before dispatch ensures they do not get damaged in transit. We subsequently discovered this is a trick French patisserie chefs have been using secretly for years!

The cakes can be kept frozen for up to six months or for three days in the fridge once defrosted. When your cake arrives, please follow the important handling instructions. Please do not refreeze the cake once it has defrosted.

You will need to defrost your cake before consumption, you can do this overnight in the fridge for a minimum of 8 hours.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a beautiful product and great service, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please use the customer enquiry form. If your cake has arrived damaged please email and include images. One of our team members will respond as soon as they are able to.

You can also call our Customer Care Team on 0121 325 6009 (Available from Monday - Saturday 8am to 8pm).

If you aren't able to find the answer to your question, please feel free to use our enquiry form and we will aim to respond promptly during office hours.