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Patisserie Valerie and excellent coffee go together like, well, coffee and cake! Patisserie Valerie has always led the way in serving excellent coffee, and it’s a little known fact that, apparently, the very first espresso machine in England was to be found in the original Patisserie Valerie in Soho. Nowadays you will find top of the line equipment from La Marzocco serving up our own bespoke house espresso blend, served to you by baristas taking care in giving you a coffee every bit as tasty as the cake you’ll surely enjoy it with.

Choose from Single Origin or House Blend

Sourced from Rwanda, our Signature single origin coffee boasts the most original and authentic African flavour profile.

Our house blend is made up of three coffees - two from Brazil bringing body, sweetness and richness, and one from Peru adding brightness and clarity to the blend. Together they make a delicious blend, tasting like 70% dark chocolate, roast pecan, and hints of stone fruit when enjoyed black, and vanilla snaps, rich tea biscuit, fruit and nut chocolate, when enjoyed as a milky drink.

However you enjoy your coffee at Patisserie Valerie, it will have gone through meticulous quality checks and processes. We follow strong ethical standards throughout the coffee supply chain, including:

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Single Origin Coffee

Sholi is a coffee cooperative situated in Muhanga district. It was established in 2008 by 30 women in the region, who united to sell their coffee and invigorate the local coffee market.

The cooperative now has male and female members with 374 producers in the cooperative, 42% of them being women, and in 2014 opened its own washing station, benefiting the security and quality of the coffee. 

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Tasting Notes

Red berries, brown sugar, green apple

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Coffee Information

Process - Washed
Variety - Bourbon
Altitude - 1800 MASL

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House Blend Coffee

Our bespoke house blend is made up of three specialty-grade, fully traceable coffees, profiled and roasted for flavour and sweetness to pair with our famous patisserie.

A blend of two soft chocolatey coffees from Brazil and a bright and rounded coffee from Peru, we designed this blend to be a great fit, however you enjoy your coffee.

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Tasting Notes

70% dark chocolate, roasted pecans, stone fruit.

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Coffee Information

50% Brazil Mantiqueira de Minas
30% Peru Altamayo
20% Brazil Ascarive

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Driven by Quality

We only serve specialty coffee at Patisserie Valerie. That means along every step of your coffee’s journey, it’s being selected and assessed for quality, and we’re using the top 5% of coffees- only coffees that score over 80 on the SCA scale.   

Focused on Sustainably

All our hot drinks cups and lids are recyclable, and we’re working hard on our sustainability across the coffee supply chain, including our coffees being roasted in an accredited Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and zero waste to landfill site.   

Long-term partnerships

To ensure our blend is consistently delicious, we’re working with individual farms and cooperatives
long-term, sourcing coffee direct season after season and contributing to development projects at origin with our importing partners.  

Expertly profiled and roasted

Each of our coffees, whether our house espresso or one of our single origin coffees, has been individually profiled and roasted in a number of different ways in order to highlight the best of that coffee. Roasted in small batches, each batch is assessed to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Lovingly made

Working with industry leaders like La Marzocco and Brita, each PV is set up to deliver you a delicious coffee every time. We run our own training programs in line with Specialty Coffee Association guidelines and with oversight from SCA trainers and judges, ensuring our quality standards are as high as the quality of our coffee.