The Perfect Black Forest Gateau - Patisserie Valerie

The Perfect Black Forest Gateau

What flavour is Black Forest?

Layers of rich chocolate sponge, whipped cream and dark cherry filling. Coated with dark vermicelli and finished with amarena cherries, dark chocolate shavings and hand piped whipped cream rosettes.

What's the difference between cake and gateau?

While both seem similar, cake is a sweet food made with flour, eggs, sugar, and butter or oil whereas gateau is a light sponge cake with a rich icing or filling.

Where does black forest gateau originate from?

Some think the Black Forest region of Germany is the birthplace of this delicious gateau. All we know is our luxurious Black Forest Gateau is one of Madame Valerie's original cakes from 1926 and is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or a simple sweet treat.

What is an Amarena Cherry?

The Amarena Cherry is a small, dark cherry with a delicious sharp flavour which is found in Modena and Bologna in Italy. The cherries are preserved in syrup using a traditional method and used as a decoration on rich chocolate desserts.

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