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5 Meaningful Wedding Cake Traditions

Weddings a full of wonderful traditions, many dating back to medieval times. Have you ever wondered what the reason behind newlyweds saving the top tier of their wedding cake? Or perhaps you're interested in why wedding cakes are white? Here, we explore wedding cake traditions, where they originated from, and how they have evolved over time. 

Saving The Top Tier Of The Cake

The tradition of saving the top tier of a wedding cake represents happiness and luck for newlyweds. This is done by wrapping the top tier of the cake in plastic, then placed in a cardboard box and frozen for one year. On the couple's first anniversary, the top tier of the cake will be defrosted and eaten. Another tradition associated with saving the top tier of a wedding cake is for the married couple to defrost and enjoy it on the day of their child's christening. 

Cutting Of The Wedding Cake

The tradition of cutting a wedding cake is one that has changed over the years. Historically, in medieval times, the wedding 'cake' was made out of bread. Breaking the bread was seen as a sign of luck to bring fortune and fertility to the newlyweds.

However, now our wedding cakes are a sweet treat! Cutting the cake in recent times is supposed to represent the couple's first act together as a married duo. This tradition used to be carried out by the bride alone. As previously mentioned, the newlyweds would not cut the top tier of the cake. This way they could save it for their first anniversary. 

A White Wedding Cake

We all know that a bride traditionally wears white on their wedding day. But why are the cakes also white? Many believe white wedding cakes are chosen to reflect the bride. A white wedding cake was highly sought after in Victorian times, white icing would be used as a representation of wealth and social status.

Although white is the traditional colour for a wedding cake, it doesn't have to be. Wedding cakes can be any colour or flavour you like! Nowadays, many brides and grooms choose the colour of their cake around the theme of their wedding.

Wedding Cake Flavours

A traditional wedding cake is typically a fruitcake. This is because of the fruitcake's shelf life. They are well known for their longevity! However, traditional wedding cakes have recently taken a step back.

Now, couples explore flavours, colours, and textures when choosing a wedding cake. Flavours that are popular now include chocolate sponge, vanilla sponge, or even lemon sponge. When it comes to flavours at Patisserie Valerie, we know our stuff. If you're looking for a wedding cake a cut above the rest, or a wedding cake to suit an intimate setting, see our wedding cakes and our signature collection.

Wedding Cake Toppers

There is some debate around the origin of wedding cake toppers. It is said that wedding cake toppers are a symbol of love and bonding between the newlyweds. Legend has it that a baker first created a wedding cake topper hundreds of years ago for his daughter and her soon-to-be husband. This was to express the baker's approval of their wedding day.

In more recent years, wedding cake toppers still carry the symbolism of love. However, they are now seen as a way of adding that 'wow' factor to a wedding cake. Wedding cake decorations are a wonderful way of adding a personalised touch. Here at Patisserie Valerie, we have beautiful wedding cake decorations to choose from. 

Stepping Away From Traditions

When it comes to wedding cakes, we understand there are many traditions, some with long histories behind them. But there are also lots of wonderful ways to step away from tradition. We have a superb range of wedding cakes to suit small-scale weddings, or even wedding cakes for a celebration when renewing your vows.

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