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Ice-Cream Drip Cake

vibrantly fun... yet gourmet cake is NEW in town! No running for the ice- cream truck is necessary as we offer delivery nationwide!

What are the flavours?

Strawberries & cream with a hint of chocolate & raspberry...tempted?

Want the inside scoop?

This show stopper has layers of vanilla & pink sponge. Coated with swiss meringue buttercream. Finished with strawberry macaroons, sprinkles, freeze dried raspberries and swsis merginue buttercream piping

Does it have ice-cream in it?

We would like to say yes however that would be super impressive to keep ice-cream from melting everywhere! A delicious dark chocolate ganache is placed on the top of the cake. The ice-cream cone is packed separately with the cake to ensure it arrives perfect ! 

Livin the cream

Today’s forecast is sunny with a chance of sprinkles...
As you know we do love a macaron at Pat Val and this just adds extra special touch along with all the bright coloured sprinkles

What occasion is it for?

Fun in the sun, picnics along with all the summer babies birthdays! Ice-cream & cake is always a good idea, right?

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If you really want to go all out, add a personlised inscription message order. This would be a great touch if you gifting to friends and family. The perfect gesture!

Nationwide delivery from Tuesday to SUNDAE!

All our cakes are handmade and baked fresh and frozen ahead of delivery to protect their beautiful appearance during transport, as well as ensuring they taste as fresh as possible. Looking for a chocolate gateau near you? Good news! You can order and pay with a team member at your nearest local Patisserie Valerie.

SCREAM if you want more!

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