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(Back to the) Office Cakes

It seems like there is a Birthday every week when working in an office environment. Food, especially CAKE, has the power to bring people together, through enjoyment and sharing of the experience. There is also other events going on too, like work anniversaries, and company celebrations! That means there’s a lot of cake to be had.

Here are five top reasons to have office cakes:

  1. Birthday Cake for a colleague
  2. Congratulations on your promotion 
  3. Show your appreciation to your team
  4. Sorry your leaving
  5. It’s Cake Wednesday!


Celebrate with a CAKE DAY

Cake Day is a fabulous way of getting everyone in the spirit. This monthly indulgent get-together ensures all Birthdays that month are celebrated in one hit, no excuse to forget and no escape for those who keep their Birthday a secret! Its a win win for everyone.


Bring joy to the office!

When its planned properly you can really go to town with some luxury baked goods. No last minute supermarket snacks, but some real good CAKE delivered to the office! This way the team have something to look forward to and can indulge in that months new flavours.

Bake your team SMILE

81% said office cake brings people together and 83% said it cheers everyone up. In fact research has found that workgroups who eat together tend to have higher co-operation, performance and trust!

The new NORMAL

Following the pandemic a lot of work places have a new working style from hybrid to flexi working. You don't need to be in the office to enjoy the cake culture! With nationwide delivery your colleagues can receive a treat straight to their door.

Whole cake or slices?

Depending on how many you need to feed you can opt for a classic whole cake for that wow factor or individual slices...warning we cannot guarantee any squabbling over certain flavour slices!

Get the most out of your slices...

Here's a little guide on how to get the most out of your slices. The smaller slices you cut the more you can have...right

Schedule those milestones!

Order ahead for those special team member's Birthdays, work anniversaries and many more. Order up to 90 days in advance or choose next day delivery or Deliveroo for something delicious last minute!

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