Ordering and Delivery


Can I order over the phone?    

Orders must be placed online or in person.


How much does delivery cost?

Delivery to London for our Create a Cake and Bespoke cakes services is charged depending on distance, between £10 and £30.
We have recently introduced our PatVal Premier service offering delivery of a selection of our standard celebration cakes range via DPD across the whole UK.  We are in the process of extending the available selection of products and at the moment delivery via this service is free. 


Can someone else collect my order for me?

You can have someone else pick up your cake. They just need your order reference number and confirmation.


Patisserie Experience


Do I have to book for afternoon tea?

Booking is not essential, but tables can be reserved at some patisseries. Check with your local patisserie to see if they offer table reservation.


What time do Patisserie Valerie serve afternoon tea?

Afternoon tea is served all day. Check your local Patisserie Valerie opening hours.


What time is breakfast at Patisserie Valerie?

Breakfast dishes can be ordered all day.


Can I opt for soya or almond milk with drinks?

Yes. Please ask your server.


Do you have a children's afternoon tea?

We do not offer a separate afternoon tea for children, but children are welcome to enjoy afternoon tea with their accompanying adults.


Dietary Information


Are Patisserie Valerie cakes organic?

No. Patisserie Valerie cakes are made with non organic ingredients.


Do Patisserie Valerie offer gluten free cakes?

Our raw cakes are made from ingredients that do not contain gluten.

However, they are stored and handled in patisseries where gluten is present, and so we cannot guarantee this product is 100% free from. 


Are Patisserie Valerie cakes suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

All Patisserie Valerie lines except the Fairytale Gateau and the Candy Stripe are suitable for vegetarians. We also have a range of vegan cakes.


Are Patisserie Valerie products allergen free?

Our products are made in a busy environment where GLUTEN, NUTS, PEANUTS, SESAME and other ALLERGENIC ingredients are used. Due to the nature of our food operation, we cannot fully guarantee that any food will be 100% completely free from any allergens.


Do you have cakes, pastries and other food products that are suitable for people with an allergy to nuts?

Our products are made in a busy environment where NUTS & PEANUTS and other ALLERGENIC ingredients are used. Some of our products do contain nuts and or peanuts.
Due to the nature of our food operation, we cannot fully guarantee that any food will be 100% completely free from any type of nut or other allergens


Do Patisserie Valerie cakes contain alcohol?

Some Patisserie cakes may contain alcohol. If a product does contain alcohol, it will be declared on the product page online for anything containing the alcoholic strength by volume (abv) of more than 1.2%


How fresh will my cake be?

Our number one priority is to provide our customers with the highest quality product. All of our cakes are handmade and are frozen ready for collection. This ensures our customers are able to enjoy the cakes that retain their freshness for longer and remain in their perfect condition. Sustainability is also a core part of our company values and we’re able to reduce wastage through this process.

Are your eggs free range?

Our stores use UK Lion Branded Free Range Eggs in our menu items.

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