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Are your eggs free range?

Our stores use UK Lion Branded Free Range Eggs in our menu items.

Do you have cakes, pastries and other food products that are suitable for people with an allergy to nuts?

Our products are made in an environment where GLUTEN, NUTS, SESAME and other ALLERGENIC ingredients are used. We therefore cannot guarantee that products served from our stores will not contain traces of these allergens.

Although we follow a strict policy to avoid cross contamination, our stores have a wide range of products that may contain a variety of the 14 allergens under Reg (EU) 1169/2011.

We do however offer a range of gluten free cakes.

We offer a range of individual gluten free cakes as well as a gluten free celebration cake. You can order our gluten free range online or they are available to order and enjoy in store.

Do you have cakes suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

All our cakes except cheesecakes and those containing mousse are suitable for vegetarians. We do not have cakes suitable for vegans.

Do you have information on the 14 allergens declared as ingredients under Reg (EU) 1169/2011?

Our stores have information on the 14 allergens declared as ingredients. Please ask a member of staff for further information.

Do you have nutritional information for your products?

Patisserie Valerie places the customer at the centre of everything we do and it is important that our customers are able to make informed decisions about our delicious cakes, pastries and gateaux’s.

Patisserie Valerie complies with current food information legislation - we provide allergen information on all of our food products and nutritional information where it is currently required.

We are in the process of reviewing the food information that we provide to our customers in line with best practice.

Please watch this space for further developments.

Do any of your cake products contain alcohol?

Our stores have information on cake products that contain alcohol. Please ask a member of staff for further information.

Do you offer cakes with organic ingredients?


Soya Milk?

Soya Milk can be requested with a member of staff for hot beverages

How long will cakes keep fresh and will they have to be refrigerated?

Our cakes should be stored under refrigerated conditions between +2°C and +5°C, unless stated otherwise. This is due to the perishability of the ingredients that we use to make our cakes; it will also help maintain the quality of the product.
Our cakes should be consumed within two days from the date of collection / delivery.

How can we customise cakes?

In the unlikely event that you want to choose something other than the large variety of celebration cakes and special occasion cakes in this portfolio or on our website, we offer customise your own gateau. This is where you can create your own cake using the drop downs choosing from a variety of creams, sponge and decorations.

Can we have writing or pictures on the cake?

Most of our cakes can have a message, we can make plaques with a personalized message and cakes with flat tops can have a message written directly on the cake. There will be an additional charge of £2 for a message.
Pictures can also be placed on any classic icing decoration cake with an additional charge of £10 per image – please speak to store for further details.

What are your most popular cakes?

Our Double Chocolate Delight Cake, Macedonia With Nibbed Almonds and Strawberry Gateau

Do all shops offer the same range of cakes?

Whilst all shops carry a range of cakes every day, any cakes in this portfolio can be ordered in store or on-line. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required.
Please note, all our cakes are hand-made and therefore may vary slightly in appearance from those shown in this portfolio. Ribbon colour as shown is illustrative only.

Can we taste a sample?

Only when ordering a Wedding Cake three different samples can be arranged for a £10 deposit (refundable on placement of order). If you require more than three samples you will be charged £3.50 per extra (non refundable) this should be arranged directly with a sales supervisor either by telephone or in person at your preferred location.

Can you accept telephone orders?

Sorry, orders need to be placed in person or on-line.

When do you require payment?

We require payment in full at time of ordering.

Do I have to collect my order in person?

No, but please bring along the order reference number and order confirmation.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Free delivery is available within half a mile of any of our cafes for orders over £10.
Our other charges are as follows 

0.5 - 3 miles £15
3 - 6 miles £20
6 - 10 miles £25
10 - 20 miles £45

Our site will automatically select the closest café to your location within 20 miles.

How much notice is needed when ordering a cake?

Any cakes that can be ordered on-line require a minimum lead time of 24 hours. Wedding cakes and larger orders may require a little longer. We recommend telephoning your preferred branch for further details. Please see our Ordering Terms and Conditions for our cancellation policy

Can I order products on-line or in store?

Our web site indicates which products can be ordered on-line and those that will need to be ordered in store.

Questions about Afternoon Tea


What time do you serve afternoon tea?

You can have our Traditional Afternoon Tea for Two at any time of the day. Ask your server for details.

Do you have a child's afternoon tea?

We do not have a separate afternoon tea for children. They can enjoy the Traditional Afternoon Tea with parents, or order a separate meal from our children’s menu.

Do you offer a vegetarian option for afternoon tea?

Yes. Please ask your server for more details.

Can you book a table for afternoon tea?

There is no need to book for Afternoon Tea. However, certain stores do allow bookings. Please visit our café page to see if your local cafe takes bookings.

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