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Birthday Cakes

A birthday celebration isn’t complete without a cake. No matter where you are celebrating, or who with, at Patisserie Valerie we supply a range of birthday cakes that can be delivered straight to your door nationwide. From gateaux, patisserie boxes to Afternoon Tea there is a cake for all those special Birthday celebrations. 

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Which Type of Cake is Best for a Birthday?

The best birthday cakes very much depend on the person whose birthday it is. Choose a flavour or cake type to please their taste buds. We have a selection of luxury birthday cakes suitable for a variety of ages. For children's birthday cakes, there are girls' birthday cakes and boys' birthday cakes. Find the right birthday cake for the celebrant in our delicious range.

Choose from flavours such as tempting strawberry cake or sumptuous chocolate cake. The world is your oyster when it comes to birthday cakes. You can choose a simple birthday cake, such as a black forest gateau, or a more decorative showstopper cake.

Celebration cakes are a huge part of birthday celebrations, and choosing the perfect cake is a big responsibility. Whether you are choosing a birthday cake for a child, or adult, you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect for their special day. Don’t forget to add a little something extra with a bit of personalisation too. Remember, all our birthday cakes are available to order online. 

Personalised Birthday Cakes

Many of our cakes come with the option of adding a personalised inscription. This is a perfect way of adding an age, name, or a simple 'Happy Birthday' message. 

There are several options for personalisation on a birthday cake, from adding personalised messages to additional extras, like our toppers and balloons.

​If you are unable to be with someone on their special day, order a personalised birthday cake online to be delivered straight to their door. Add a heartfelt message to show them that distance won’t make you forget their special day.

See our Personalised Cake Inscription.

Perfect for Parties

If you’re looking for the perfect cake for a special milestone birthday, look no further.

Whether you're celebrating a 21st or 90th, our luxurious birthday cakes are bound to impress.

Speaking of parties, we also offer metallic balloons, pastel balloons & birthday cake toppers to make sure your big bash is a a day to remember!

Read more - Birthday Cake Ideas for a Special Day

Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Our range of birthday cakes can all be delivered. The cakes are baked and then frozen and packed with dry ice to protect their beautiful designs, as well as ensuring they taste as fresh as possible. Once delivered, the birthday cake will need time to defrost.

You can order from our range of birthday cakes online to be delivered straight to your door from our bakeries. You can also purchase from one of our stores with the patisserie finder, or you can have the birthday cake delivered straight to the celebrant's door if you are unable to see them on their special day. We can even send birthday cakes by post to venues if you are organising a surprise party.

Shop our range of birthday cakes, all with delivery offered, just don’t forget to leave them to defrost before enjoying.