Collection: Birthday Cakes

A birthday celebration isn’t complete without a cake. Our birthday cakes are expertly hand-crafted to create beautiful designs and exquisite flavours. Choose from a delicious red velvet, classic vanilla, or scrumptious chocolate cake. We also offer mini birthday cakes for those who desire more than simply one flavour. Explore our selection of the best birthday cakes available for delivery straight to your door.

Birthday Cake Delivery 

Birthday cakes delivered couldn't be easier. Once baked, our range of hand-crafted birthday cakes are carefully frozen and packed with dry ice to protect their beautiful designs and flavours, ready to be delivered at a location of your choice. Once delivered, the birthday cake will need time to defrost before eating.

 You can also purchase a delicious birthday cake from one of our stores with the patisserie finder. Freshly baked to order in-store. We can even send our birthday cakes to venues if you are organising a surprise party.

Which Type Of Birthday Cake Is Best For Birthdays?

The best birthday cakes very much depend on the person whose birthday it is. Choose a flavour to please their taste buds. If they're chocoholics, opt for one of our delicious chocolate cakes.

If they're more into their fruity flavours, dig into our classic strawberry gateau. And for those who prefer something truly decadent, try our incredible Lotus Biscoff cake.

Choosing the best birthday cake for a special someone is a big responsibility. Whether you are choosing a birthday cake for him, for her, or for a child, you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect for their special day.

Remember, all our birthday cakes are available to order online. Browse our extensive range and pick a cake that's perfect for the birthday person.

Personalised Birthday Cakes 

Our birthday cakes come with the option of adding a personalised inscription. Add the recipient's age, name, or a simple 'Happy Birthday' message.

If you are unable to be with someone on their special day, add a heartfelt message to show them that distance won’t make you forget their special day. See our personalised cake inscription.

The best birthday parties involve a beautiful cake for all to enjoy. Whether you're celebrating a 21st or a 90th, our luxurious birthday cakes are bound to impress at a party.

Are you looking to decorate a cake for a birthday celebration? We offer metallic balloons, pastel balloons & birthday cake toppers to decorate with!

What Is The Most Popular Cake For Birthdays?

If you aren’t sure which cake is best for a birthday, opt for a crowd-pleaser. Such as our tiramisu cake, red velvet cake, or an ombre rosette cake from the signature collection. Our ombre rosette cakes are in two tiers and are available in pink or blue. They also have a choice of mouth-watering chocolate or vanilla filling.

Discover the best birthday cakes, and birthday cake decorations for a spectacular celebration here today.