Collection: Diwali Cakes

Diwali is a time for family, friends, and delicious food. Our Diwali cake range are the perfect treat to be shared during this festival of light. Discover our range of completely vegetarian Diwali cakes below. Each Diwali cake is handcrafted and available for delivery straight to your door.

Diwali Cake Boxes

Worldwide, Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains are commemorating Diwali. The five-day event honours light's triumph over darkness. Diwali devotees offer prayers to the Hindu Goddess of riches. Diwali traditions include dressing in bright colours, sharing food with family and friends, sharing gifts, and lighting up homes with light and fireworks.

Each of our Diwali cakes in this celebratory selection is vegetarian and comes with two free gifts. This Diwali you will receive a free 'Happy Diwali' inscription and 2 fire crackers to celebrate with! The free fire crackers will burn for approximately a minute, should be kept out of the way of children, and used in a spacious environment. Little smoke will be produced from our fire crackers and there is no residue after burning.

The 'Happy Diwali' inscription is carefully made by hand, at no extra cost. Our Diwali cake boxes are available in scrumptious flavours to be shared. Classic cakes to enjoy this Diwali are our mouth-watering chocolate filling, indulgent chocolate orange, and strawberry gateau. If you are looking for something a little different this Diwalli, why not go for our toffee apple cake? Or even our pumpkin spiced latte cake? Shop the range above.

Celebrate Diwali With Cake

We have a collection of delicious hand-crafted Diwali cakes fit for the festival of light. Are you are looking for a neutral cake to compliment the bright colours and lights of Diwali? Or are looking for a show stopping cake to be the centrepiece of the festival?
Whatever style of Diwali cake you want, we have the Diwali cake for you and your family. 

Diwali Cake Delivery

Our cakes are available for delivery straight to your door. Once baked, our range of hand-crafted Diwali cakes are carefully frozen and packed with dry ice to protect their beautiful designs and flavours, ready to be delivered at a location of your choice.
Once delivered, the Diwali cake will need time to defrost before eating.