Collection: Halloween

Treat yourself this Halloween with one of our handmade Halloween Cakes. The best of Halloween flavours including pumpkin spice and toffee apple are lovingly finished with intricate detailing from spider webs to chocolate rosettes. Whether you're hosting a party, or staying in with a movie, our Halloween Cakes are perfect to sink your teeth into.

Our Ultimate Halloween Cake Collection

Our ultimate Halloween collection features our own Halloween Cake, Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake and Toffee Apple Cake. Whether you're looking for a tangfastic celebratory cake at home, or looking to be the ghostess with the mostest by hosting a Halloween party, our handmade Halloween cakes are the perfect centrepiece. 

Our Halloween cakes collection features classic flavours from pumpkin spice to toffee apples to get the most out of spooky season. Each cake is packed with seasonal flavours and beautifully finished. Whilst the ghosts and ghouls may be parading the streets come October 31st, our cake collection certainly puts the treat in tick or treat.   

Halloween Cake

Our signature Halloween cake features layers of indulgent chocolate cream sponge with a Vampire neck-tarine fruit filling decorated with chocolate curls, sugar sprinkles and a dark chocolate spider web.

Toffee Apple Cake

Toffee Apples are the perfect marriage of the natural sharpness of apples offset by the caramelised sweetness of toffee. Combined with in a cake through layers of sponge and buttercream, the Toffee Apple Cake is a traditional Halloween favourite.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Cake 

Nothing screams Halloween more than a pumpkin. But if you're more into cosy autumnal evenings than a night full of frights, our Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake is the perfect cake for you.

Halloween Cakes Delivered

Our cakes are available for delivery in time for Halloween. Our Halloween cakes be delivered straight to your door. They are freshly baked, then quickly frozen and packed with dry ice to lock in freshness, and enveloped in protective packaging. This is to ensure all our cakes arrive to you in as good condition as when they left our bakery. Once delivered they will need to be left to defrost for at least eight hours. 

Alternatively, you can pick up your Halloween cake fresh from one of our many bakeries around the country with our patisserie finder

Personalising your Halloween Cakes

If you're looking for a little more ghoul or guile this Halloween, we offer a variety of ways to personalise your Halloween cakes. Each cake can be personalised with an inscription of your choosing. If your having a big celebration this Halloween, check out some of our other cake accessories to make the day extra special.