Collection: Macaron Cakes

Macarons are meringue-based treats introduced in France by the Royal Chef to Queen Catherine de Medici during the Renaissance period. Since then, these colourful sugary bites of deliciousness has become a staple in French confectionery and Parisians macarons are admired the world over. The ruffled circumference of a macaron is known as the ‘crown’, in honour of its regal roots. Today, Patisserie Valerie’s talented team of bakers and pastry experts use these bitesize delights to crown cakes. A macaron cake (quite simply, a cake with macarons on top!) makes for a show-stopping culinary centrepiece for any occasion.

Best Macaron Cakes

The Patisserie Valerie range of macaron cakes comprise of the lightest, fluffiest sponge and luxuriously thick buttercream, topped with handcrafted macarons that crumble on the tongue. No matter the occasion, we have a luxury cake decorated with macarons to suit.

We have every colour, flavour and style you can imagine – from wedding cake macarons to macaron birthday cakes to just-because macarons. Crown your cake with the best!

Chocolate Macaron Cake

A macaron-obsessed chocoholic? This gloriously decadent Triple Chocolate Delight Gateau is a chocolate lover’s dream, made with three layers of delicate chocolate sponge, sandwiched with succulent chocolate cream.

Coated in a divine dark chocolate ganache drip, exquisite chocolate cream rosettes with chocolate macarons garnishing the top, this chocolate macaron cake is a pure indulgence for chocolate lovers.

Pink Candy Stripe Gateau

Delicate strawberry and vanilla macarons flicked with chocolate lace the top of this stunning five-layered Pink Candy Stripe Gateau cake.

Alternate layers of pink sponge, Swiss buttercream and zingy raspberry jam make for a striking aesthetic.

Hand-piped vanilla buttercream kisses and glitter confetti give the impressive finishing touch for this cake that stands out amongst even the most decadent of celebrations.

Blue Candy Stripe Gateau

Light blue candy stripes of Swiss buttercream icing coat layers of vanilla sponge sandwiched with raspberry jam and buttercream on this five-layer Blue Candy Stripe macaron cake.

The macarons atop this masterpiece are flavoured with subtle salted caramel and creamy vanilla, nestled in amongst vanilla buttercream kisses and sprinkled glitter confetti.

Lemon Macaron Cake

Citrus lovers rejoice with our lemon macaron cake. The airy vanilla sponge is layered with fresh lemon cream and flavoured fruit filling.

The dainty macarons on top are zingy lemon flavoured and melt on the tongue. And if that wasn’t enough lemon for you, we’ve added lemon cream rosettes and lemon fondant too… 

Macaron Birthday Cakes

Increasingly popular for birthday parties, macaron cakes make for an extraordinary centrepiece.

Gone are the days of a supermarket-bought cartoon cake with squeaky sheet icing - now is an era of beautifully hand-crafted cake creations.

Macarons make for a lovely little treat for those not hungry enough for a whole slice of cake, or an added extra for those with big appetites. Add on a happy birthday cake topper, metallic birthday candles or include metallic birthday balloons for an extra fee, or choose a personalised cake inscription to include. Make every birthday extra special, with macarons.

Macaron Cakes Near You

You don’t need to live near a Patisserie Valerie to enjoy our hand-crafted bespoke macaron cakes. We now offer delivery throughout the UK with next day delivery available in most areas, or the option to ‘click and collect’ if you’re close to one of our patisseries.

Each cake is handmade bespoke before being frozen and packed in dry ice. Our logistics team will contact you to arrange a safe delivery and, once arrived, your cake will be ready to enjoy after 4 hours of resting at room temperature.

No matter where you are or how quickly you need a macaron cake, we have you covered. Browse our range of delicious cakes now!