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Lemon & Blueberry Dream Cake

Lemon & Blueberry Dream Cake

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Indulge in the ultimate springtime delight with our Lemon and Blueberry Dream Cake. A heavenly fusion of citrus and blueberries awaits in every decadent bite.

This elegantly crafted cake embodies the essence of spring with its delicate balance of zesty lemon cream and natural blueberry delight. Each melt in your mouth layer of fluffy sponge is dotted with piped blueberries and zesty lemon and blueberry cream.

Crowned with a cascade of candied lemon slices and embellished with piped blueberries, this cake is a true masterpiece. With its refreshing lemon cream coating and bursts of blueberry fruit peeking through, it's a delightful treat that captures the essence of springtime.

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Simply the ZEST

The addition of lemon zest adds a refreshing citrus flavour that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the blueberries. This makes it a perfect dessert for any occasion, whether it's a summer barbecue, a holiday gathering, or just a casual dessert after dinner!

Fresh Ingredients

Bursting with beautiful natural refreshing flavours, our Lemon & Bluberry Cake is made only with the finest quality ingredients. Hand made with love!

Lemon & Blueberry Dream Cake - Patisserie Valerie
Lemon & Blueberry Dream Cake - Patisserie Valerie
Lemon & Blueberry Dream Cake - Patisserie Valerie
Lemon & Blueberry Dream Cake - Patisserie Valerie

Hand Decorated

 In addition to the delicious flavour combination, our Lemon and Blueberry cake is also stunning, the bright yellow of the lemon and the deep purple of the blueberries creating a beautiful contrast in the cake.

Suitable for Vegetarians

Our Lemon & Blueberry Cake is suitable for vegetarians and can serve up to 14 people! Perfect for birthday’s, anniversaries or a sweet summer treat.

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