Collection: Graduation Cakes

Graduations are an exciting time and an occasion that's filled with celebration, family and friends. It's an important to celebrate and what better way to do it than with cake! Grab any of our gorgeous cakes and party supplies available for next day delivery.

Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduating from university or when celebrating results is the perfect time to shop graduation cakes! But let's be honest, a cake can also be for those who want to celebrate finishing school, college or have completed an apprenticeship or training course. Any excuse to have a sweet treat, we say!

Graduation decorated cakes come in all different shapes, sizes, flavours and designs. If you are celebrating an entire class's graduation day at nursery, primary school, secondary school or university, then you'll want an epic showstopper of a cake that not only wows the crowd but is big enough to ensure everyone gets to enjoy a slice.

But even if you are just marking one person achieving their grades, you don't have to scrimp on the decorations. You can tailor the cake to their specific tastes, subject area, or university colours. There are so many different options for graduation decorated cakes and many designs you can do yourself.

Graduation Caps

A graduation cap is one of the most popular ways to decorate a graduation cake. It certainly makes a statement and reflects the considerable accomplishment the person has made when achieving their results.

But while it may look like a complicated design, creating a graduation cap yourself is surprisingly easy. Once you have either baked the base cake or ordered a simple graduation cake from Patisserie Valerie, it's time to get started on creating the graduation cap.

There are many online tutorials that will guide you through each step of making the cap and even the tassel.

You just need some fondant, parchment paper, ruler or template and royal icing to act as your glue to stick it all together. Creating the graduation cap yourself adds a wonderful personal touch to the cake.

Cake pictured - Ultimate Chocolate Layer Cake

Graduation Scrolls

Another popular design for graduation decorated cakes is adding some edible scrolls to the top of the cake to mimic a rolled-up graduation certificate.

Scrolls are another design that is relatively easy to create yourself at home. Once you've got your cake ready and know the size you are working with, you can begin to make the scrolls.

All you need is some modelling paste, sugar paste, sugar glue and a ribbon cutter. Then you can just follow an online tutorial, and in no time, you will have a beautiful handmade graduation scroll for your loved one's cake.

If you don't wish to bake the cake yourself, you could always order a  simple graduation cake from Patisserie Valerie and place the scroll either on top or alongside the cake.

Cake pictured - Pink Candy Stripe Gateau

Graduation Books

How about reminding the new graduate of all those years of hard work and study with a book-themed graduation cake?

While you cannot order a book-shaped cake from Patisserie Valerie, you can certainly have a go at making one yourself! Again, numerous online tutorials will walk you through the stages of crafting a graduation book cake.

You can make it a relatively simple graduation cake or as detailed as you wish. You could even stack two or three books on top of each other to create a showstopper graduation cake.

You can use any flavours you want for your book graduation decorated cake and then cover it in coloured fondant to make the book's 'cover' – not forgetting to write a special message on the book.

If you feel adventurous, once you've finished the book cake, you could add a scroll and graduation cap on top to finish it off.

Cake pictured - Red Velvet Gateau

Graduation Cakes Near You

Where can I find graduation cakes near me? Don't worry, wherever you live, Patisserie Valerie offers a fast and efficient delivery service. Even if you are short on time, our next day delivery service will ensure that you will receive your handmade cake in good time for your party.

Once you've chosen your cake, selected your customisation options and confirmed your online order, our bakers will set to work creating your cake. Your finished cake is then frozen to lock in the freshness and flavours and carefully packaged to protect it, and delivered straight to your door. We also offer a click and collect service from store for our customers to make it even easier for you to order and take home your order. If you can't find what you're looking for here, make sure to browse our full range of celebration cakes.