Collection: Baby Shower Cakes

Celebrate a little one on the way! We have a range of beautiful cakes for delivery nationwide, perfect for baby showers and gender reveal parties. From pink & blue cakes or neutral, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Do You Need a Cake for a Baby Shower?

Baby showers are traditionally held before the baby is born, giving any mum-to-be a well-deserved treat. Baby showers are the perfect opportunity for a mum-to-be to be looked after for the day and, of course, be the centre of attention.

While there are no set of rules for baby showers, it’s generally expected that food, including a cake, will be provided. Furthermore, as the expecting mother can’t indulge in a glass of champagne, cake is the perfect alternative treat!

What Kind of Baby Shower Cake Should I Choose?

Choosing the right baby shower cake to buy can often be difficult as there are so many options available. It can sometimes be hard to find something that stands out.

Whether you are looking for a show stopping centre piece or would prefer something a little more classic for an intimate gathering, we offer unique cakes for any baby shower, whether the mum-to-be is having a girl, a boy or twins. We have collected together some suggestions for each, below.

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

If mum-to-be is expecting a baby girl, then you’ll be spoilt for choice with our pink baby shower cakes. Our gorgeous Pink Candy Stripe Gateau will be sure to turn up the baby excitement!

This baby shower cake is made up of pink vanilla sponge, zingy raspberry jam and Swiss buttercream. Topped with strawberry and vanilla chocolate flicked macarons and a sprinkle of glitter confetti.

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

If the mum-to-be is expecting a baby boy, then we offer a wide range of handmade baby shower cakes for boys, with both unique showstoppers and simple options available.

Our beautiful Blue Candy Stripe Gateau is made up of vanilla sponge mixed with zingy raspberry jam and Swiss buttercream. Topped with salted caramel and vanilla chocolate flicked macarons with sprinkled glitter confetti. Another cake to put a smile on the mum-to-be’s face.

Another great baby shower cake for boys is our delicious Ultimate Chocolate Layer Cake  which includes three layers of chocolate sponge filled and coated with rich chocolate cream. Decorated with chocolate cream rosettes, white & dark chocolate curls, chocolate vermicelli, and white and milk chocolate sticks. Your mouth is watering just reading that, isn't it?

Twin Baby Shower Cakes

If the mum-to-be is expecting twins or if they’d just like to steer clear or pink or blue, there are plenty of neutral cakes we offer which would be perfect as a baby shower cake.

Our is a Classic Strawberry Gateau cake that everyone loves. With layers of vanilla sponge with fresh cream and fresh strawberry compote, this cake is a big hit and will sure be a crowd pleaser.

What Baby Shower Cake Decorations Are Available?

Why not add that finishing personal touch to your baby shower cake? All of our cakes have the option to add a personalised hand-piped inscription message, so you’re able to share the joy with the mum-to-be. You can also shop our range of cake candles and balloons which will help finish off the event.

Baby Shower Cakes Delivered

Our baby shower cakes can all be delivered and they can also be picked up from our stores. The cakes are baked and then frozen and packed with dry ice to protect their beautiful designs, as well as ensuring they taste as fresh as possible. Once delivered, the celebration cake will need to defrost before being enjoyed.

You can order from our range of baby shower cakes online to be delivered straight to your door from our bakery, or you can send the baby shower cake straight to the celebrant’s door if you’re unable to see them and celebrate their special day.