Collection: Gateau

A gâteau is the ultimate show-stopper cake. This crowd-pleaser is typically a lot more indulgent than a traditional cake with its rich fillings and decadent sponge layers. Popular gâteau fillings include thick cream, ganache or mousse, melted chocolate and lots of fresh fruit. You can build up your gâteau layers and create a spectacular dessert packed with delicious flavours that will have everyone coming back for more. A gâteau cake doesn't just taste incredible. Its striking good looks make it a fantastic centrepiece for any occasion and will undoubtedly be the star of the show.

Flavours of Gâteaux

Gâteaux come in an incredible variety of flavours and fillings, and each one is guaranteed to be delicious. Whether you prefer white, milk or dark chocolate, fruit, nuts or something a little zingier, there's a gâteau cake for everyone to enjoy, whatever the occasion.

Chocolate Gâteau

You won't find a dessert much more decadent than a chocolate gâteau. At Patisserie Valerie, we love chocolate so we have a range of fabulous chocolate cakes and gâteaux.

Take our Double Chocolate Gâteau. It's layers of moist, dark chocolate sponge combined with dark chocolate cream and chocolate ganache is a feast for your tastebuds.

Then there's the classic Black Forest Gâteau with rich chocolate sponge, freshly whipped cream, beautifully tart and juicy dark cherries. This luxury gâteau is decorated with dark chocolate shavings and Amarena sour cherries.

Fruit Gâteau

If you want something different to chocolate and prefer your gâteau to be a little fruitier, our Strawberry Gâteau is for you.

Aside from its picture-perfect good looks, this gâteau is also utterly delicious. It has delicate layers of light, fluffy vanilla sponge and is filled with strawberry compote, fresh cream and finished with a nibbed almond edge. If you prefer a little more zing to your gâteau, our Lemon Gâteau cake is the one for you.

Its vanilla sponge layers, fresh lemon cream and lemon-flavoured fruit filling give it an extra fresh taste. The gâteau is decorated with fondant icing, lemon macarons and lemon cream rosettes.

Speciality Gâteau

If you want a gâteau with a little more crunch to it, the Praline Gâteau is perfect. Roasted, nibbed hazelnuts complement layers of vanilla sponge, dark chocolate ganache, praline and Swiss buttercream.

The gâteau is hand-finished with praline buttercream with a white and dark chocolate twist.

You may prefer our version of the famous Italian classic, the Tiramisu Gâteau. A must for any coffee lover, its soft vanilla sponge layers are soaked in rich mocha syrup, then layered with Patisserie Valerie's very own tiramisu cream – a delicious blend of Italian mascarpone, rum and fresh cream.

A dusting of dark chocolate completes this incredible gâteau. Alternatively, why not add some extra colour to your table with our Red Velvet Gâteau. Its soft, red velvet sponge and layers of smooth, delicious cream cheese frosting are decorated with red velvet chunks and more cream cheese frosting to make it a delight to eat.

Gâteau Delivery

With Patisserie Valerie, you'll find it incredibly easy to order your gâteau as we have eliminated the worry and the wait. All you need to do is go online and make your selection, and we will deliver it straight to your door. We even offer next day Gâteau delivery, making our gâteaux perfect for any occasion.

Visit our website and select the gâteau you wish to order and any extras or personalised cake inscriptions you would like. Once you've confirmed your order, it's then passed to our team of expert bakers, who will begin creating your dream gâteau. Once your cake order is complete, it's frozen to lock in the freshness and flavours and packaged to protect it as it makes its way to your chosen address.

Nothing should get in the way of you enjoying your gâteau. If you still cannot decide which gâteau to choose, don't worry; we are here to help. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team who will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect gâteau and answer any queries you may have.